What is Momdays?

We are your go-to community of moms for trusted product recommendations. Figure out what you and your baby really need with the tried-and-true advice of fellow moms. Be smarter about your options; find out which are the most loved products, and why, before you make your decisions!


Why should I add a review?

If you are already a mom, then you’re the expert now! Your new and expecting friends are overwhelmed and clueless, just like how you felt in the beginning – so share your thoughts on the products you have loved or regretted, and help out a mom out there!

All your reviews are aggregated and accessible on your public profile in the “My Reviews” tab, which you’ll be able to share with friends or family!

To add a review, search for the product, then look for this icon.


Why should I login through Facebook?

Momdays shows you the top 4 products in each category that are most popular with your friends, and why. When you are logged in to Momdays through your Facebook account, you are automatically connected to your friends who are already on Momdays, so you can see recommendations from people and tastes you can most trust.


What is a Guide and do I have to add the product to a Guide when adding a review?

Our Guides are little handbooks that group the best products together by topics, as voted by parents. When you add a product to a Guide, a vote is added to the product, which goes towards making up the final list of recommendations in the guidebooks for moms. So, give the product a vote only if you would recommend it to friends!


What if I can’t add any reviews yet because I’m expecting?

Add a bookmark to the items you have or want for yourself to save the items into your public profile under “My Wishlist”, which you can refer back to later on. Once you are ready to give back, simply go back to your profile to add your opinion to the product!


What if I still can’t make up my mind about which item to get?

You can post a question on the product page, which will be sent to parents who already have the product to see if they can give you more insights on your doubts! Every time someone answers your question, you'll be notified on your my account>activities tab.


What does it mean to follow someone?

When you follow someone on Momdays, it means you trust her opinions and want her reviews to be prioritized to you when you are looking at a product. You'll also be notified whenever she adds a new review or follows someone new. Anyone can follow you, and you can choose whether to follow them back.

When you connect via Facebook, you’ll automatically follow your Facebook friends, and vice versa. To see everyone you follow, click on the “Following" link in your public profile. You can unfollow anyone at any time.

Complete your profile so we can recommend to you moms with bubs the same age as yours! Go to my account>edit profile.


I don’t see the product I’m looking for. What do I do?

If you don’t see the product then it means that nobody has reviewed it yet! To suggest a product, go to my account>suggested products>suggest a product.